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Life is complex enough. Finding help shouldn't be. My LivWel is a simple concept that uses the power of community to gather and share helpful resources needed for you to take steps toward living better.

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Check-in Stations

There are so many wonderful organizations out there wanting to help you on your health journey. Non-profits, clinics, groups, and more are devoted to making a positive difference in your life. Find the support you need to fulfill your primary needs in order to continue moving up the mountain to the summit of good health.

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A Compass Guide

Knowledge is power, and fortunately there is a slew of educational resources and organizations available to help guide you to information needed to expand learning and understanding.

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Sideline Cheers

There's a great, welcoming community of people wanting to connect with you. Share and learn about community events and support groups around your area.

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Campfire Conversations

You're not traveling alone. Others have walked similarly in your path, some concurrently with you. My LivWel provides an environment to anonymously share stories and experiences, the ups and downs of it all, and remind each other the journey is shared and conquerable together.

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Backpack Pockets

Did you find an organization you're interested in reaching out to, or do you frequently engage with one already? Do you want to reread that one story that gives you the inspiration you need to tackle the day with confidence? Flag your favorite cards to save in your personal list so resources are easily accessible when you need them.

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Sometimes it's more comfortable to approach a place when someone else shares that they've been there and speaks highly of the experience. Others are waiting to get the chance to tell everyone about their great experience so others don't have to unnecessarily fret. View recommendations to familiarize yourself with a place before visiting.

Other Features

Mobile-friendly: My LivWel is a website built to be responsive on multiple screen sizes. No app downloads or storage on your phone needed here. Just visit the website on any device and continue the journey.

Anonymity: Your privacy is important, and we take respecting it seriously. When you engage with My LivWel, you can choose to be anonymous and still receive all the platform benefits.

Quality Design: We want you to feel good on your journey to good health and help reduce the anxiety there may be in searching for resources and support. To do this, we take great care in the user experience design for My LivWel by testing it thoroughly with people like you. From how it visually looks to how you interact with its functionality, we're not for "design" being an after-thought. We embrace it because you matter and deserve a quality experience.

You Can Give Back: While My LivWel presents a listing of resources, it’s important to know that its content stems from people like you, people in the community. There’s a motivating power in giving back and helping others, especially in life situations that are so difficult. If you have a great story or resource to share, you can help change a life by sharing it. You just never know who you may be helping.

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